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Coffee Shop Blues - Boston Cafe

Quick cup of brewed coffee at Boston Cafe
Friday, I went my Dad to pick up my little brother from school. We made a quick stop at Robinson's Mall for shoes for the babies, and I decided to sit down at Boston Cafe, the only feasible place to work. Of course, their router kept kicking me out! I was still able to get a bit of work done, though, and a quick cup of coffee.

Sad to say, the coffee was very poor. Poorer than 711 coffee, would you believe that!

This means one thing: I will not be sitting down at this coffee shop any time soon. I'll stick to my home brewed coffee.


  1. i thought your advertising for them,when i saw the photo,an idea comes to my mind to drop by,but when i read the article,oh well,ill be sticking to starbucks :)


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