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Anticipating Dream Cup 2011

Anticipating PLUS dreading. It's a mix, really. I am looking forward to seeing the Azkals live, not to mention David Beckham. Who wouldn't want to see him? Then again, there is the fact that the travel and the crowds will make the day irritating. I am overlooking that fact, though, as watching this game is, more than anything, a Christmas gift to my little brother.

I have been wracking my brains about what to give Silas for Christmas. Having played soccer for a while now, he has really been into everything football-related. From the Azkals to Manchester United to playing FIFA 2011 - he has caught the football fever, and I am glad about it. At least he has a worthy hobby which allows him to release all his energy. Even his teachers are happy about it!

He has been dropping hints about toys such as Electric Airsoft Guns, steel pellet guns, and crossbows (I think it's the Walking Dead that can be blamed for the last), but upon seeing his face when I told him I got the tickets for the game, I know now that this is the best choice. Although we may have gotten the suckiest seats in the house, this is one experience that the little boy will never forget.


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