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Walking Dead Season 1 Marathon

It's perfect Halloween viewing, although we didn't start out with that in mind. My friends and I had planned on a Harry Potter weekend, so we started that last night, but the movies were too long that being the old ladies that we are, we fell asleep midway into the 5th movie. One thing is for sure, those movies were made to be watched on the big screen. (A lcd dlp projector would be very nice for Christmas, yes?) Anyhow, upon waking up, for some reason, we decided to watch the first season of the Walking Dead. It still excels a lot in the gross factor, especially for some with such a squeamish stomach as I do. There are two things that stood out for me today. One, the music by Bear McCreary really adds a different dimension to the series. There are a lot of "silent" scenes in the series, but when the music plays in the background, I just can't help but get more engrossed. Two, perhaps one of the things that make the Walking Dead really interesting is that it is not all about gross things, blood, guts, and zombies. It struck me that you would think that people would be more open minded and cooperative, more willing to set aside differences. I guess I was wrong - at least if the Walking Dead is even a tiny bit accurate. If anything, people's true natures just come out even more when in dire straits. Survival of the fittest. Mister Darwin = 1, Numi = 0. For a person who can't stand blood and gore, I am way too into this TV series. My excuse for today: It's Halloween! If you haven't started watching the Walking Dead yet, I suggest that you give it a try. You just might like it, too.


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