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Shopping in Singapore

Shopping has never been my favorite activity. Lately, though, I have been spending a lot of time shopping. I guess it can be fun, especially when you come across good finds that you won't normally see. Last month, when I was in Singapore, I spent more time walking in a week than in the last several months. And yes, a lot of the walking was done in malls. I have come to think of Singapore as a shopping mall pretending to be a city. Seriously, Singapore's malls are a lot of fun to go around in, even if you are not going to buy much. My favorite hangout that week was Novena Square, simply because it had everything I wanted/needed. More than that, it had an Adidas outlet store, where I got several items and saved over SGD100! I doubt I can find such a sale here in Manila. (OR maybe I just don't look hard enough.) Another favorite is Sim Lim Square. I didn't buy anything there, only because I really didn't need anything, but it is heaven for people in the market for anything electronics. In this humongous mall - 4 or 5 floors, very huge floors - you can find anything. And I mean anything, as long as they're somehow gadget related. There was this store with a huge display of phone cases blinged up to the max that you will be dazzled. I bet you can even find iPhone cases with an opal birthstone or two! I took a photo, but surreptitiously that it turned out totally blurred. :S

You also find a lot of quirky things, like these iPhone cases.
In Tagalog/Filipino, "lolo" means grandpa. And I thought those cases were hilarious. This is one of the countless corridors in that mall, where technophiles will want to pinch themselves to make sure they are not dreaming.
And, fancy a phone that costs more than what you earn in a year? They have that too. Funny thing is, this phone does not do half what "normal" phones do today.


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