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Playing With the Blog Design

You might have noticed that in the past few days, the look of Dreamwalkersworld has changed a lot. Truth be told, I have been using WordPress for most of my projects. This has led me to want to have a different look for this blog. I have no issues with Blogger at all, but I crave for a different design. Hence the playing around. There are some nice options given as a default by Blogger, but I want something that looks better. Don't get me wrong - I love my dragon header. I had that custom-drawn, and I have even gone to a tattoo artist to have him sketch one for me. (Haven't gotten inked yet, though!) However, I have seen so many designs that are more striking, especially those that have a slider for wordpress. I have even found a cool plugin called SlideDeck, which I am considering using on my WordPress blog (if I get around to working on it). For those of you using WordPress, you might want to consider using SlideDeck. You can set up something that looks like what you see below.
Upon closer inspection, I think that Blogger users can still make use of SlideDeck. However, one would need a little tweaking in order for it to work. But can you imagine the big difference that having such an element in your blog? That would work wonders aesthetically, not to mention the usability factor!

Have any of you used this plugin? Maybe you can help me? ;)


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