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The Business That is Halloween

Halloween has not always been a big thing in the Philippines. But of course, with the heavy American influence, the holiday just got bigger and bigger. I think when I was a kid, trick or treating was not widespread. Only in specific communities was it done. These days, I think the same thing applies, with many barangays not having kids going around trick or treating. Very much unlike the Christmas carolers that are like flies in December. Anyhow, it looks like Halloween is just another holiday which brings out the entrepreneur in people. Sure, it is all about fun, but believe it or not, there is a business behind it as well. Here's an interesting infographic about it. Via: Business Credit Cards Blog

Walking Dead Season 1 Marathon

It's perfect Halloween viewing, although we didn't start out with that in mind. My friends and I had planned on a Harry Potter weekend, so we started that last night, but the movies were too long that being the old ladies that we are, we fell asleep midway into the 5th movie. One thing is for sure, those movies were made to be watched on the big screen. (A lcd dlp projector would be very nice for Christmas, yes?) Anyhow, upon waking up, for some reason, we decided to watch the first season of the Walking Dead. It still excels a lot in the gross factor, especially for some with such a squeamish stomach as I do. There are two things that stood out for me today. One, the music by Bear McCreary really adds a different dimension to the series. There are a lot of "silent" scenes in the series, but when the music plays in the background, I just can't help but get more engrossed. Two, perhaps one of the things that make the Walking Dead really interesting is that i

T.G.I. Friday's Now in Eastwood

So Il Pirata did die (read my post about its "death"). In its place came T.G.I. Friday's. We've known for a while what the new restaurant would be, but it wasn't till early this week that Friday's opened its doors to customers. Earlier today, I went round Eastwood and inevitably found myself at Friday's for lunch. I honestly don't know why I went since I already knew that the prices would be rather high. I guess it was simply the idea of having somewhere/something new to eat. So up I went the stairs to the open air dining area, which was rather nice. I suppose the nice breeze and the trees had a lot to do with it as well. That's where the enjoyment ended, though. I am not being difficult or anything. I guess I was just reminded of why I do not go to Friday's a lot anyway. It took me a while to decide what to have. The several times I have gone there it was always about Jack Daniels food. This time, I decided to try something n

F1 (Night) Fever the Second Time Around

My first ever F1 experience was in Singapore last year, and I vowed then that I would be back. And back I did go. My second night race was not as dramatic as the first one. As they say, it's always sweeter the first time. Or did I get that wrong? In any case, I still had a lot of fun, especially since I got the 3-day pass this time. Needless to say, I was at the track three days in a row. In Singapore, more than in Malaysia, you can really feel the excitement about F1 - especially in the touristy place. We we out for drinks at Clarke Quay, which is supposed to be the happening place, and boy, was it crowded to the max! The highlight of the night was this Renault exhibit, where two very sexy cars were on display. Nice, huh? After feasting our eyes on them, we headed over to an Irish bar called Mulligan's where nice oak barrels served as tables. Watching the F1 is synonymous to walking. Lots of it. There were two gates which I could enter with my pass, an

Playing With the Blog Design

You might have noticed that in the past few days, the look of Dreamwalkersworld has changed a lot. Truth be told, I have been using WordPress for most of my projects. This has led me to want to have a different look for this blog. I have no issues with Blogger at all, but I crave for a different design. Hence the playing around. There are some nice options given as a default by Blogger, but I want something that looks better. Don't get me wrong - I love my dragon header. I had that custom-drawn, and I have even gone to a tattoo artist to have him sketch one for me. (Haven't gotten inked yet, though!) However, I have seen so many designs that are more striking, especially those that have a slider for wordpress . I have even found a cool plugin called SlideDeck, which I am considering using on my WordPress blog (if I get around to working on it). For those of you using WordPress, you might want to consider using SlideDeck . You can set up something that looks like what you see

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping has never been my favorite activity. Lately, though, I have been spending a lot of time shopping. I guess it can be fun, especially when you come across good finds that you won't normally see. Last month, when I was in Singapore, I spent more time walking in a week than in the last several months. And yes, a lot of the walking was done in malls. I have come to think of Singapore as a shopping mall pretending to be a city. Seriously, Singapore's malls are a lot of fun to go around in, even if you are not going to buy much. My favorite hangout that week was Novena Square, simply because it had everything I wanted/needed. More than that, it had an Adidas outlet store, where I got several items and saved over SGD100! I doubt I can find such a sale here in Manila. (OR maybe I just don't look hard enough.) Another favorite is Sim Lim Square. I didn't buy anything there, only because I really didn't need anything, but it is heaven for people in the market for an

Reminder to Self

Earlier today, I had an interesting conversation about university, work, and dreams. Dreams being the kind that people have about their future. Not the dreams that you have when you're asleep. I was brought back to when I was a young idealist kid who thought that looking at System Engineer Jobs , or something similar, would be awesome. I remembered the early days of college when I thought that working with the technical aspect of computers was my dream. Fast forward to the early 2000s when my dream changed. I was working as an English teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher and yet there I was. I loved what I was doing, but my dream then was to write full time. Back then, I was writing before and after my day job. I just knew that I would be so much happier staying at home and writing all day. Today, I am living my dream, and yet sometimes, I have to remind myself that this is my dream. There are days when words seem alien to me. There are times when writing is like having my t