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I Blame My Job

Around two years ago, I was able to kick myself and summoned enough energy, motivation, and discipline to get off my butt and lose weight. The results were awesome, if I say so myself. There really is nothing like regular exercise and moderate food intake.

Two years down the road, I have gained considerable weight and can't seem to get that groove back. I have tried so many things. Believe me, I have tried. I just can't seem to make myself regularly jog, walk, run or whatever. And the food...

I blame my job.

One of the things I do for my job is to work on a site that's all about recipes (this calls for a separate post, I think). It's one of the things I have been working on for the past year, and boy, does it serve as an ever present temptation. I love to cook, but working on recipes and photos of scrumptious food simply doesn't help with self control. Not that I have a lot of that. (Now if my job were working on a fitness portal...NOOOOO!)

Then again, if I think about it, at least I am working on something that I absolutely love and can relate to. It's not like I am working on something like material handling (which is useful, sure, but not my cup of tea).

Still, every time I muster a bit of motivation to go to the gym or not eat much, I stumble upon a recipe for the awesomest roast. Or to die for chocolate cake. What's a girl to do? We live once. Might as well enjoy it. ;)


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