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These Are Days

I used to play that song by Jamie Cullum every time I go to the beach. Lounging on the shore, feeling the sun's warmth wash over me, listening to the sound of the waves...the setting's just perfect for the song. I haven't listened to it a single time the past few days while at the beach, but it's still apt.

It's been both busy and lazy, and I am only using my phone to go online, so I can't post much for now, but suffice it to say that the sights are more than enough to make one forget about "real life" in the city. Heck, I didn't even get to see the college flags during the college basketball games this afternoon. (We lost anyway.)

So here are some of the pics I like looking at over and over again. More pics when I get back to the city (with stable Internet and more bandwidth).

The waterfalls at the end of Loboc River.
Going up Loboc River.
The view from the "office".
I just can't get enough of this beach!


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