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My Bohol Bee Farm Experience

The first time that I went to Bohol, I had Bohol Bee Farm in my plans. Unfortunately, that didn't materialize, so I really set my heart on going to the farm the second time I was in the area. Since I stayed at the same resort - Dumaluan Beach Resort - getting to the Bee Farm was easy, albeit pricey. There is practically no way to go around in Panglao unless you have your own transportation. For visitors, that means renting a car. The resort charges PHP400 one way - so PHP800 to get to the Bee Farm and back. For a 5-minute ride (or maybe 10), I thought it was rather expensive.

The Bohol Bee Farm is a charming place. Upon arriving, you already get a good feeling about the place. To be honest, I am not into all that organic stuff, but I was still excited about the food. ;) The first thing I saw upon entering the premises:
They have cottages where you can stay, and I suppose that this serene indoor pool is for the in-house guests. I love how this area looks, really, but I don't think I would take a dip in that pool. The water didn't look too clean and warm.

Going past the main reception area, this is what I saw to the left:
Lunch!!! I so wanted to grab some of those pots (herbs) and take them home. I had to be content to taste some of them come meal time, though.

Many visitors come to the Bee Farm to buy goodies to take home. This is the entrance to the Buzzz Shop, where I got suckered into buying quite a handful. There is also an ice cream shop - all organic ingredients, of course!

That's the must-try ice cream - spicy ginger. And when they say spicy, they mean spicy! I couldn't finish that because it was too strong for me. The mango and buko pandan flavors are really good though. One scoop costs PHP60 - a very good price!

This is where I had most fun, though.
I know I have a picture of me sitting there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it! They are, of course, not functional toilets, but the concept is cool. They sell spreads (the pesto spread is awesome), bread, muffins, bags, accessories, and of course, honey. They actually sell more than that, but I don't remember everything. One thing is for sure - a trip to Panglao, Bohol has to include at least one stop at the Bee Farm for the shopping.

The final destination for me that day was the Buzzz Cafe.
This is the restaurant of the resort and it is situated nicely - overlooking the ocean, so you can enjoy the nice view and cool sea breeze as you eat your organic lunch. I have to say that the meal was not mind blowing - except for one dish: flower salad. I know that this is nothing new for some people, but it really threw me off.
That looks more like a floral arrangement for some event than food! I was even more thrown aback when I saw the some of the flowers by the "roadside".
Going beyond my aversion to the idea of eating petals, it wasn't such a bad experience. I think that the credit goes to the homemade spicy honey mustard dressing. I also had spicy seafood soup as a starter. This was rather good, actually, with a good amount of veggies and seafood. The downside: the okra was too tough and the squid seemed to come from a can and not fresh (I could be wrong with the second point, though).
Oh, before I forget, they serve complimentary pumpkin bread with mango and pesto spread - all of which are made in the farm, of course. This was really, really good. (This explains a second trip to the farm before I left.)
For the main dishes, I tried the grilled tilapia with organic red rice (sorry I seem to have lost that giant tilapia!) and herbed penne.

These dishes were okay. Nothing to write home about. What was really good was their fruit/veggie shakes. This is the mango shake.
This is the tomato shake, which looks pale, but is tasty anyway.
Some pictures of the dining area.
Custom ashtray.
And an interesting table with a Singer sewing machine base.
The view from the table.
One thing about the Bohol Bee Farm is that it really has a very nice atmosphere. Believe it or not, you might even not feel too bad if you didn't fiddle with your gadgets all the time. After a day or two at the place, you might not even miss your laptop, phone, mp3 player, cordless headphones, or whatever it is that you are particularly attached to. Of course, you need a camera to capture the memories, though.

For a quick look at the menu if you are planning on visiting the farm, here are some pages.

If you're planning a trip to Bohol soon, make sure you go to the Bohol Bee Farm. You can even consider staying there, although I don't know about the beach, as the path down was closed to outsiders. Contact details for the resort:

Ms. Vicky Wallace
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol



  1. Lovely Place! Great Food!

    Followed you through GFC, Pls visit mine, too!



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