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When You Don't Feel Like Cooking, There's Almost Gourmet!

I love good food. I love to eat, and I love to cook. I even love going to the supermarket and stocking up on things that I can use in the kitchen. Yeah, weird it may be, but I find grocery shopping therapeutic. Expensive therapy, actually. There are times, though, when I simply do not have the time to cook. Sure, I work at home, and for all intents and purposes, I have control over my time. I can take a break when I need to, but that does not mean that there is always time to take breaks. Many days, I find myself scrambling for time. (Whether it's because of the work load or because of my time management skills - or lack of it - I will not dwell on right now.) So what do I do during those moments that I do not feel like cooking or I don't have time to cook? Lucky girl that I am, I have Almost Gourmet to turn to. Almost Gourmet is a food delivery service owned by a friend of mine, Joyce. It all started out in the office where we used to work together. Her home co

Where to Stay in Bohol: Dumaluan Beach Resort

Three years ago, when I first visited Panglao Island in Bohol, I was at a loss as to where to stay. Luckily enough, a friend pointed me in the right direction: Dumaluan Beach Resort . This resort is right beside the famous Bohol Beach Club, so you basically get the same beach. I did have a great experience when I went there is 2009 and thought that Dumaluan was the obvious choice when planning the trip earlier this year. One thing's for sure - the beach is just as beautiful as I remembered. The sand just as fine and powdery. The water still as beautiful. I did forget that there can be a lot of seaweed floating near the shore. They staff does do a good job of cleaning it up everyday, though. That being said, I was rather disappointed upon arriving. It was not bad, really, but the resort management was busy making improvements on the premises. While I understand their sentiments, I think that they didn't get it quite right. What used to be almost rustic and cozy bec

My Bohol Bee Farm Experience

The first time that I went to Bohol, I had Bohol Bee Farm in my plans. Unfortunately, that didn't materialize, so I really set my heart on going to the farm the second time I was in the area. Since I stayed at the same resort - Dumaluan Beach Resort - getting to the Bee Farm was easy, albeit pricey. There is practically no way to go around in Panglao unless you have your own transportation. For visitors, that means renting a car. The resort charges PHP400 one way - so PHP800 to get to the Bee Farm and back. For a 5-minute ride (or maybe 10), I thought it was rather expensive. The Bohol Bee Farm is a charming place. Upon arriving, you already get a good feeling about the place. To be honest, I am not into all that organic stuff, but I was still excited about the food. ;) The first thing I saw upon entering the premises: They have cottages where you can stay, and I suppose that this serene indoor pool is for the in-house guests. I love how this area looks, really, but