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My First MacBook Air Encounter

"Everyone should have a notebook this advanced. And now everyone can."

Or so says Steve Jobs, who has been magically convincing people to pay considerable amounts of money for his creations. One thing you cannot argue with, though, is that the MacBook Air is indeed advanced.

Yesterday, I was surprised that the new MacBook Airs had arrived in the Philippines. I knew they were coming, but I thought it would take another week at least. Needless to say, the surprise was very pleasant. Understatement of the year.

So I now I find myself with a 13-inch MBA with 128 GB of flash storage, and I only have three words to describe my new baby/source of livelihood/toy.
  1. Fast. Everyone has been talking about how fast the new MBAs are. The benchmarks testify to that. One thing: you really won't appreciate just how fast these babies are until you use them. When they say instant shut down, they mean instant. Even with all the programs I need installed, I still find myself amazed at how fast the laptop responds. Start up, shut down, open apps, etc. - the impatient girl in me is very, very happy!
  2. Light. Being as thin as it is, the MacBook Air cannot be anything but light. Just as with its speed, I still marvel at how light this baby is. After almost a year of enjoying a 13-inch MacBook (the white one) with a Speck case, I really feel the difference in weight. Take a look at this.

    Yup - the 13-inch MBA is lighter than the iPad. Then again, the iPad is encased in not-so-light leather. It still is amazing!
  3. Sexy. Hands down, the MBA is the sexiest laptop I've ever seen. Maybe the Samsung 9 Series provides a little competition, but it still doesn't make the cut in comparison. From the packaging to the actual laptop to the power cord - everything is just beautiful.

There is no doubt about it, the MacBook Air is the perfect laptop for someone like me - always on the computer and on the road.

Oh, and in keeping with tradition (my own), the new MBA has been christened Katniss. Props to those who can figure out where it comes from.


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