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Bohol on My Mind

It has been hellish in Manila for the past days. If it ever rained in hell, that is. Typhoons all over the place just get your mood down, even if the temperature change does feel nice.

After days and days of rain, I am looking forward to filling up my beach meter again. Next week, I head over to Bohol for some sun - I hope!

Even though I have to work like a dog till then, I am creating a checklist of must-bring things:
  • Camera AND battery. The last time I went away, I had mistakenly left the batter in the charger, which was plugged in. I could have borrowed batteries from my sister but all she had were canon batteries. Sucked to be me, but I have learned my lesson since then!

  • Laptop AND power cord

  • Mobile phone

  • Clothes

I am SO ready to see this sight again:

Dear typhoons, please stay away from the Philippines next week!t


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