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Claw Daddy @ Shang Revisited

Three years ago, I tried Claw Daddy at The Shangrila Mall for the first time. I was rather impressed with the food, and I posted about that Claw Daddy experience.

The other weekend, I found myself at The Shang again (it really is a nice place to hang out, without the stress that Megamall brings) and decided to revisit Claw Daddy. I don't know, but it seemed to me that nothing about the looks of the place had changed - which is a good thing.

The service was not bad, either. And they still had the bibs - to keep your clothing clean as you whack those crabs open. Instead of yellow though, the bibs are now red.
In spite of repeated offers of the waitress, I decided to forego the bibs last weekend.

So what about the food? For starters:

The salad was great, and so was the clam chowder. However, I prefer clam chowder that is creamier and "clammier" - but it did hit the spot. I think this was the same comment I had when I first tried their clam chowder. This a la carte order is better, if only because of the presentation.
Spaghetti and meatballs - good-sized serving but nothing special.
Now this...this was the main feature. A medium-sized (supposed to be) crab deep-fried in butter and slathered with garlic.

I was only able to eat the claws and had to take the rest home. Again, this girl never learns. Allergy to crab - who cares when you can have some of these bad boys:

Price-wise, Claw Daddy is not too bad. I think that the entire meal (all of the dishes above plus drinks) cost a little less than PHP2000 - and most of that was for the crab. I am sure you can find cheaper seafood in places like Dampa, but if you are in the Shang area, Claw Daddy is still a great place for seafood.


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