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Bye Trusty Old Filas, Hello Spunky New Mizunos

From these:

to these:

Pretty nice, huh?

After procrastinating forever, I finally took the plunge and went for a new pair of running shoes (rubber shoes we like to call 'em here). My old Filas have been with me for as long as I can remember - which is not saying much given my memory issues - and they have been with me through a lot. Sentimental old me just couldn't easily set aside my good old pair, but I guess the time has come. Not that I am about to go do something really adventurous, something that would necessitate double checking my insurance policy (life insurance and sky diving is a more compatible pair as opposed to jogging - or walking is more like it). Just a quick jog now and then.

Last weekend, armed with the Filas and some jogging clothes, Flonomique set out to jog in UP. Lazy old me didn't feel like it (plus the valid reason of being really tired from the dentist) and we found ourselves at this nifty little store called Second Wind.

They do gait analysis, which helps you determine how you run/walk, so that you can buy the right kind of shoes. I found out - unsurprisingly - that my gait spreads the force/weight outward. In short, I need cushioning shoes. Lucky me, they had a pair of Mizunos on sale.

End of the story - I said hello to new shoes and am saying bye to the old pair. Now let's hope I actually get some use out of the new ones!


  1. Love the new shoes! Great choice! We advise all runners to have a gait analysis before embarking on changes such as the shoe they run in or the surface that they run on. Best of luck with the new shoes!

  2. Those look comfy!

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