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Busy Stork

The stork seems to be overly busy these days - at least among my circle of friends. It seems that every day that I log on to Facebook, I see new birth announcements. And there are at least a couple more friends/relatives I know who are due to give birth soon.

With these things happening left and right, there are moments when I can't help but wonder how/why my dream of being "visited by the stork" got lost. I remember when I was way younger - I was so sure I was going to have kids by age 26. Many years later, I've made a 180-degree turn. I have two nephews and many other "babies" via friends.

I am totally content having the kids to spoil and play with, and more importantly, return when I don't want to change diapers. ;)

Is it just me or are these feelings fairly normal for other women my age? I was reading one of the books in the series Ender's Game, and there was a paragraph talking about the ultimate desire/goal of people is to procreate, to leave something of themselves by way of having children. I so wanted to feel the same way as I was reading it, but I just couldn't relate. That made me feel weird, not normal. I hope I am not alone! (Then again it doesn't matter if I indeed were.)

Get busy all you want, Mister Stork, just don't come a-visiting me!

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