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Should You Work for Free?

Why do you work? Perhaps money will come up as the main answer, but if you think about it, work is not all about money. People have left high paying jobs for various reasons (myself included). At the end of the day, I think that reasons for working are so complicated that it can't simply boil down to money (although that does play a large role). That image above is a wonderful flowchart which you can check out if you are presented with the opportunity of working for free. Pro bono. No pay. Zilch. Zero. Click on the image for details.

Lazy Bones

That's me, and it frustrates me to no end. Never mind that I have new shoes - bought for the specific purpose of exercising. I just can't seem to find that drive to get off my butt and burn some calories! I have thought of so many options - from supplements to zumba for xbox 360 - but nothing appeals to me. Well, some options do but they don't seem to work. I guess it is time for some Numi-shaking (the mental kind that results in my getting things done) very very soon. Now if I can just muster enough motivation for that... I have been feeling very lethargic lately, and I can't seem to snap out of it. Sometimes I do get bursts of energy but they never last long. Know the feeling? How do you get out of this kind of rut?

My Mexican Food Fiasco

The evening started out to be promising enough. I had been craving Mexican for a month or so, and there is this restaurant at The Fort that I'd been hearing about for while. So off to The Fort I went. First stop, Gourdo's. Monin syrup, Barilla, and other cool stuff awaited. Then again, their stock has dwindled since I last went there, so it was not anything special. I was just glad that I was not one of those queued up at the NBC Tent for the Crocs megasale. It was late afternoon and the line was still longer than a whiner's litany of complaints. With the help of Google Maps, I set out to walk to Ristras, this Mexican restaurant that has been recommended by friends. I had been meaning to visit it since I first heard about it and the few reviews I saw on blogs were positive as well. My tummy was rather excited about the prospect of indulging in good Mexican food. Alas, it was not my evening! The facade was pleasant enough, and even the cantina effect was alright.

Claw Daddy @ Shang Revisited

Three years ago, I tried Claw Daddy at The Shangrila Mall for the first time. I was rather impressed with the food, and I posted about that Claw Daddy experience . The other weekend, I found myself at The Shang again (it really is a nice place to hang out, without the stress that Megamall brings) and decided to revisit Claw Daddy. I don't know, but it seemed to me that nothing about the looks of the place had changed - which is a good thing. The service was not bad, either. And they still had the bibs - to keep your clothing clean as you whack those crabs open. Instead of yellow though, the bibs are now red. In spite of repeated offers of the waitress, I decided to forego the bibs last weekend. So what about the food? For starters: The salad was great, and so was the clam chowder. However, I prefer clam chowder that is creamier and "clammier" - but it did hit the spot. I think this was the same comment I had when I first tried their clam chowder. This a la c

Busy Stork

The stork seems to be overly busy these days - at least among my circle of friends. It seems that every day that I log on to Facebook, I see new birth announcements. And there are at least a couple more friends/relatives I know who are due to give birth soon. With these things happening left and right, there are moments when I can't help but wonder how/why my dream of being "visited by the stork" got lost. I remember when I was way younger - I was so sure I was going to have kids by age 26. Many years later, I've made a 180-degree turn. I have two nephews and many other "babies" via friends. I am totally content having the kids to spoil and play with, and more importantly, return when I don't want to change diapers. ;) Is it just me or are these feelings fairly normal for other women my age? I was reading one of the books in the series Ender's Game, and there was a paragraph talking about the ultimate desire/goal of people is to procreate

Bye Trusty Old Filas, Hello Spunky New Mizunos

From these: to these: Pretty nice, huh? After procrastinating forever, I finally took the plunge and went for a new pair of running shoes (rubber shoes we like to call 'em here). My old Filas have been with me for as long as I can remember - which is not saying much given my memory issues - and they have been with me through a lot. Sentimental old me just couldn't easily set aside my good old pair, but I guess the time has come. Not that I am about to go do something really adventurous, something that would necessitate double checking my insurance policy (life insurance and sky diving is a more compatible pair as opposed to jogging - or walking is more like it). Just a quick jog now and then. Last weekend, armed with the Filas and some jogging clothes, Flonomique set out to jog in UP. Lazy old me didn't feel like it (plus the valid reason of being really tired from the dentist) and we found ourselves at this nifty little store called Second Wind. They do ga