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Of Taxes, Loans, and Insurance

As much as I try to stay away from responsibility, it seems hell bent to follow me wherever I go. I tried to organize my "adult duties" earlier this year by getting in touch with an accountant to take care of my taxes, loan, and insurance policies. It went well for a while, but there are some things that I have to do myself.

I have always had medical insurance when I had a steady day job, but I haven't had one since I went became a professional naptaker - among many other things. We don't have very good social services (some basic things, but definitely not coverage such as Medicare part D plan), and if you want decent coverage, you'll have to get a private policy.

Just thinking about these things is making me dizzy again - which is why I found myself thinking of health insurance and the like in the first place. Being an adult is so complicated, but one can whine as much as one wants, right? ;)


  1. It helps to be insured to take care of your health. Loans are also necessary in emergency situations.

  2. Loans are the extended hands of grace that give you cash flexibility.

  3. I would talk out the loan just to avoid the tax penalty of withdrawing from the 401K alone. Now, if it has been a Roth IRA there would have been no question to me.


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