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Itching for a Road Trip

The summer is practically over, and I just realized that I haven't been to the beach! The last time I was able to enjoy the sun was in March, and while that was the beginning of summer, I have missed out in the past month (almost 2, actually).

No wonder I am so itching to hit the road!

During these times, I wish I could drive and that I had a car at my disposal. There is good old Harvey, of course, but my parents use him everyday. And while I know Dad takes good care of the truck, I am not sure it will not break down on me in the middle of the highway. Having to call a breakdown service when you're supposed to be enjoying the wind on your face is not my idea of fun. ;)

But I will go. If I have to rent a car to get me to the nearest beach, I will go. Even if I have to take the bus, I will go.

Now will the rains please stop when I do get my act together and hit the beach?

Dreaming of this:


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