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Hello, Makati Med

I dislike hospitals. I am not alone in this, I know, but I feel so stressed every time I enter a hospital. Never mind that the hospital is one of the best in the country - there is something about this kind of environment that makes every single nerve ending in my body scream out, as if in pain. It does not help that you actually see people suffering, making you feel as if you were the one in pain as well. And I am not exaggerating. I really do feel physically sick every time I visit a hospital.

This past week, I have been in and out Makati Med to see my sister who had laparascopic surgery for her gall bladder yesterday. While we already had a similar experience - I had the same procedure last year - it was still a bit harrowing. After all, you never know what will happen when it comes to surgery. It's not like one goes in and out without being cut open like when you get body acne treatment.

Worse, there were several incidents that made us feel very very uncomfortable (understatement!). Perhaps the biggest issue is the fact that there was a breakdown in communication somewhere, and the nurses were not able to relay instructions from the doctor that a certain antibiotic was NOT supposed to be taken by my sister as she is breastfeeding. Unfortunately, she had already taken several doses AND fed baby Eli all day without knowing. The good news is that a nurse from the next shift noticed the error and brought it up.

We're glad that we were able to get hold of the surgeon who did my surgery - which we should have done in the first place - and he agreed to do the procedure instead. Thank goodness everything turned out fine.


  1. I wonder whatever happened to that medical malpractice law here in the Philippines? Things like incorrect medication administered to patients is one of the qualifying parameters that make the eyes of a medical malpractice lawyer go wide.

    I hate hospitals too.

    *Shudders at the thought of any hospital*

    But they are a necessary evil.

  2. Good to know that your surgery was successful. I trust all the medical staff in the Makati Med, they are some of the best talents this country offers.


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