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Revisiting Chuck and Something New (Game of Thrones)

"Chuck me."

I think that's the best line that Adam Baldwin ever delivered in his role as John Casey in Chuck. I discovered this series a long time ago - what seems to be another life now. A couple of weeks ago, I started watching the first season again. The rest is history.

You know how it goes. One episode a day turns into two, then one more, and another one...

I am almost at the end of the 3rd season (I never finished the 4th, by the way), and I have to say that while Chuck remains a favorite, it seems that it hasn't been the same since Chuck downloaded Intersect 2.0. For some reason, the whole set up was more endearing when he didn't know Kung Fu.

Take that episode I just watched today - when Chuck was checked into a psychiatric facility (mind you, not a drug detox center program - this one does not do drugs although he gets injected with a psychotropic drug in the episode). His inability to "do" Kung Fu because of the drug made it chuckle-worthy, as opposed to him being able to kick butt just like any other "real" spy.

I don't know - we'll have to see when I finish the latest season.

In other news, HBO has aired Game of Thrones - an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. The first episode was impressively accurate, although rather controversial (to be expected). I'll keep my thoughts for now till we get further into the series.


  1. I have seen two episodes so far of the Game of Thrones and I'm hooked.

  2. I'm over 'Chuck' and have been for a while. However, I am super psyched about HBO's Game of Thrones.


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