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PHP120,000 at 30

I just read this article and it made me think. It starts and ends with the idea that by the time a person turns 30, he or she should be making PHP120,000 a month. That's roughly USD2,800. Now some of you may be earning way more than that, but you have to take the Philippines in context to understand my mixed emotions after reading the article.

In a country where the minimum wage is PHP404 (USD9.33) per day for non-agricultural workers in the National Capital Region, you ought to consider yourself fortunate to earn 1/4 of that targeted amount.

In a country where people have to have "some college" to work at 711 or McDonald's (or some similar chain), PHP120,000 a month is unthinkable for many.

Perhaps it's because the author is a CEO of a headhunting company. Perhaps his perspective is simply different. Then again, I would rather define myself in other ways than how much I earn by the time I turn 30. Oh, wait - I'm past that and still not making PHP120,000 a month!


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