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A Big Mouth Burger and A Jade Stone Massage

I always find myself in this spot - several days before a trip, I have so many things to do left and right: errands and other little things. Today, I had to deal with a bill and go to a spa (yeah, FML). I got a voucher from Ensogo for a Jade Stone Massage at Soneva Spa (Tomas Morato cor. Limbaga St.), which expires on the 8th. Since I am leaving for KL on the 7th, I had to use it today.

I was thinking of canceling the thing, but decided to go through with it anyway. I'm glad I did. I got to the spa about an hour earlier, so I decided to grab a bite at Chili's. Apparently, they have a Big Mouth Burger Day, where all their Big Mouth Burgers are only PHP120! The prices are normally PHP300++ so it was a really good deal. And boy, those burgers are really for big mouths!

Now the spa...Soneva Spa is on the 4th floor of the Forum Building. Upon arrival, you'll really smell the difference. The interior uses bamboo as the main decor, and the entire place is very relaxing. They also sell all sorts of beauty products, including skin whitening creams and weight loss pills. I am not sure if they sell big brands like slimvox, but they seem to have a lot of items in stock.

The massage itself was blah...not bad, but not exceptional either. There is something to be said about spending an hour at a spa instead of having a massage at home, though. I guess it was the ambiance. That being said, I think that I would not pay the normal price for the massage - PHP1200 for an hour. If it weren't for the Ensogo voucher, I probably wouldn't have gone through the experience.


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