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White Sands Beach Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu

I have never viewed Mactan Island in Cebu as a perfect beach destination. For one, the beaches are not really beautiful. Having visited Bohol, Boracay, Siquijor, and other areas in the Philippines that are famed for wonderful beaches, Mactan just doesn't cut it. Still, White Sands Beach Resort seemed more than a viable option for my most recent trip. The beach seemed decent at least, the photos of the pools were gorgeous, and the rooms looked very nice. Then there is the nearness factor - you only need to take a cab from the airport and you can be at the resort in less than an hour.

So off I went to see what this Mactan resort had to offer, and was I glad when I got there! This was my first look at the main pool. With only 50 rooms in total, the resort was never crowded in the week that I stayed there.
I got there hours too early for check in time, so I lounged by the pool for a while. After an hour or so, I headed to the beachside restaurant, and this is the view from the table. Small beach, but very pretty view. Trust me, this is the perfect view to start your morning with as you eat breakfast (a well-stocked buffet, which is included in the room rate).
What could very well be my favorite spot is the courtyard pool, which was right outside the room.
This pool was always almost devoid of people, and those who stayed in this area were the quiet types who just lay there and soaked in the sun or read a book. My kind of people! Of course, those lounge chairs in the water made things even more perfect - if that were even possible!

In my opinion, the courtyard rooms are the best deal, especially if you book the rooms via Agoda. The prices are mid-range, but nothing beats the ambiance. At the entrance, you have this small koi pond.
Right smack in the middle of the courtyard is the larger koi pond, which is teeming with koi fish of all sizes.
I am telling you, nothing beats sitting on a rocking chair and staring at the fish swim happily around. I even got to feed the fish, but I am not posting that video as I screamed like a girl when a huge one sucked at my thumb!

The resort is tastefully designed, with some nice pieces of furniture.
No one can blame me for wanting to bring this chair home, right?
This furniture set is perfect for a home office, I think. Although no office supply store probably carries them. Alternatively, they will look rather nice in the hallway - if you have a spacious one.
They also had nice accents like these drum-looking thingies.As for the rooms, they are spacious. The one I had can accommodate 3 people.The view from the window is really nice as well.While White Sands is far from being the most luxurious resort in the area, it is definitely my kind of place. Laidback, relaxed, and comfortable. For travelers who need a bit of R&R, you can't go wrong with this resort. Oh, and the food at the restaurant is quite good. More about food in Cebu next time.


  1. Wow. I think that looks very nice and relaxing. I absolutely prefer quiet and LESS crowded spots for vacationing.

  2. Ang ganda naman... Someday, promise ko sa sarili ko. I will get to travel...sigh. hehe.

  3. Mel - I totally agree!

    Han - I promise before the end of the year, we'll go do something together. Kahit spa day lang muna!

  4. I don't know about perfect, but Mactan sure is beautiful. I like variety anyway - perfection is overrated.

  5. Mactan Island is a very beautiful place to visit in Visayas. I like the beaches and resorts over there.

  6. Mactan Island is indeed a beautiful place. I'd been here last year, the place is amazing.


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