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The Not-So-Glam Life of a Freelancer

Everyone seems to think that working freelance is fun and glam. You get to work when you want. You get to travel and work. You are always available.

Of course, those things may be true everyone now, and then, but the reality is that it is not so glamorous as it may seem. Consider these things:
  1. You go straight to work the moment you wake up. You work till the last moment before bed. Of course, this is all boils down to discipline. And that is totally NOT glam.
  2. You can find yourself writing about online degree programs for hours or days on end. Of course, the topic can be much worse. I heard about someone having to write about bunk beds day in and day out! I'll take online degree programs any day, actually!
  3. Your days and weeks blend into one another. What day is it today?
  4. There are days when you just can't seem to write well. And when you write something, the words just don't make sense.
  5. You find yourself wanting to do something in the middle of the day - or week - with friends, and they're all busy with their day jobs.
Nah, I am not whining, really. It's just that when I lack the discipline to get work done, I get frustrated at myself. And that, my friends, is the main issue with freelancing. You gotta have yourself under control.


  1. "Your days and weeks blend into one another. What day is it today?"

    Ahahahahha. That happens to me all the time!


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