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House in the Mountains

Summer is officially here. This afternoon, I just felt myself wilting as I sat in the shade trying to get some work done. I did get some done, but I just had to lie down and nap in the heat of the afternoon.

I guess it must have been THAT hot as even my dreams were of all things cool - in the literal sense.

Now you know how much I dream - in color and vividly. I think this afternoon's dream was one of the nicest I have had in months.

I dreamt that I had a humongous old house in the mountains. It was made of old wood, had a wide foyer, and a nice staircase. The house had a breakfast room at the right side and there was a nice teak table facing the window. Outside the window, you could see a nice koi pond. I think that was remnants of the Cebu trip.

On the other side, there was another table in a similar set up. The difference was that outside this window, one could see a nice swimming pool.

I can't remember much, but it was really nice. Everything was open and there was even no need for no trespassing signs.

Now I would really love a house at the beach, but that one in the mountains would suit me just fine. ;)


  1. Oh man - I never remember my dreams!!

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