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A Facial and Diamond Peel at Ysa Skin Care Center

I started my day early because I had an appointment at noon at Ysa Skin Care Center. I had never gone to this place before today, but since there was a deal at Ensogo some months ago, I decided to purchase a couple of vouchers. The deal was for a facial and a diamond peel at a fraction of the normal price I pay at Mendez Clinic in Eastwood. The cheapskate in me decided to make a go for it.

Don't get me wrong - the service was not that bad, but I think that I prefer Mendez. My reasons:
  1. I had an appointment and was there 15 minutes before the appointed time. The session didn't start till a few minutes after 12.
  2. The session started with a firming mask, which didn't seem to have much effect. More so, it was applied while I had to sit on an uncomfortable stool.
  3. This is the worst part: I had to rinse of the mask myself! Maybe that's how they do it there, but I would rather have had the mask put applied while reclining or at least sitting down on a comfy chair. And I think they should have a method wherein the attendant can remove the mask for you. I ended up with white splatters on my blouse. (Yeah, klutzy me.)
  4. The people doing the facials and treatments were gossiping about their co-workers the whole time. I know they may need distractions from their jobs, but it is not a very pleasant for the customers.
That being said, for the price I paid, I shouldn't have expected much more. Oh, and the attendant was rather pleasant (she was not the one initiating the gossip but was merely responding to the other girl) - the best part of the session, I think. Next month, I shall be going back to my regular place.


  1. I hope my wart electrocautery at Clara International that I got for 67% off goes as well and that I heal quickly since I'll be attending a wedding after a month. I'll probably have to slather on the foundation on a hot May afternoon!

  2. Yikes, you had to rise the mask off your OWN face after having it applied sitting up in an uncomfortable chair? No, thank you!

  3. It sounds like you've had a bad experience, girl. Diamond peel treatment is very effective in removing dead skin cells. I guess you just need to find a better clinic to have it done.

  4. Once you have tried the diamond peel treatment, your face would feel smooth and it's a pampering experience.

  5. A diamond peel is a great procedure to have a peerless complexion in the face. Celebrities undergo such treatments.

  6. I've tried diamond peel before and it's really great for the skin. In my experience, the procedure removed all the impurities on my face. It took around 2 days to show good results. I am going to have another session this weekend.

  7. Skin care is a daily battle. I always read laser clinic australia. to know which products would work best for me. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I am grateful for this post. I am in dire need of skin tightening but I am concerned these facials won't be powerful enough. There is another website I wanted to tightening, that lists a few non-invasive tightening options that mention some diet and exercise options. Once again thank you for this post :)


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