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Coral Restaurant at Imperial Palace Resort, Mactan, Cebu

It is no secret that I am a sucker for food, and no trip is complete without lots of new food experiences. The trip to Cebu was no different. On the eve of my birthday, I found myself at a posh-looking seaside restaurant called Coral. It is the seafood restaurant of Imperial Palace Resort, which is just down the road from White Sands.

The moment you lay your eyes on the restaurant, you will know that you are in for a great night. It seemed to me that everything was designed to impress and make satisfy people. The decor is cozy - from the contemporary coffee tables to the cozy chairs.Cozy or not?
That's the inside dining area - sorry for the sucky picture.
Even the menus were nice looking.
The sea from the table.

My praises for the restaurant do not end with its appearances, though. The food was scrumptious - and I do not exaggerate! Take a look at these.
I started with a mango bellini, which was my first. From what I hear, it is a rather simple drink, but it was totally refreshing.Tuna tartar and scallops for starters. The tuna was AWESOME. If I hadn't ordered more dishes, I would have gotten more of it, actually. As for the scallops, well they were huge!

For the main course, I had steamed grouper with cream sauce. It was lovely. The fish was steamed just right, with the flesh still firm. The sauce was creamy indeed, but did not overpower the flavor of the fish.

And to end that wonderful meal, I had espresso martini - my new favorite drink.

Coffee, ice cream, and a bit of alcohol - can it get any better???

Needless to say, Coral comes very highly recommended.

Oh wait, what's this?

If you decide to visit Coral, make sure to sit by the sea. There are tons of fishies in the water, and they feed them with bread all the time. It's a fun sight!


  1. Here you are, traveling, enjoying the beach and wonderful food again. You lucky girl you!

  2. Holy Yumminess! That food sure does look scrumptious!


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