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So That's What a Tweet Up Is Like

This phone is the reason I got off my butt to actually go to a "tweet up" last night. Sad to say, it was a disappointment. Let me clarify that. The phone AND the event were disappointing.

The event was held at a nice, "happening" place. The venue was all dressed up - down to the lighting (You'd think they got stuff from somewhere like hudson valley lighting). There was a crowd. There was even chow and booze.

That's all the good I can say, though. I guess I really am not into this hipster thing. Now on to the phone - it looks good from the front, I can't deny that; but the back looks awful, with the camera bulging out like a knot in your head. We couldn't even figure out how to take pictures! I don't know much about design and all that stuff, but this girl knows that if she gets a new phone, it will not be Windows Phone 7.


  1. Sorry you had a disappointing time - and sorry that phone falls short!


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