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Hats Off to Mommies

I love kids, but I don't think I can ever handle being a mom myself. It is rather amusing, because I had always planned on becoming a mom before I turned 30. Now I am not saying I am past that age...;) The events of the past few weeks have made me realize, though, that the birthing process and having to take care of an infant may just not be for me. My sister gave birth to her second son last week, and her stories horrify me. Don't get me wrong - baby Eli is adorable and I am more than sure that it was all worth it. But having to go through hours of PAIN, getting cut open, having to deal with healing, thinking about how to increase breast milk production , feeling pain when your baby feeds (but having to just grit your teeth and bear it), blah blah blah... Mommies, you ought to be awarded medals of honor for what you go through. If you need a babysitter every now and then, give me a call - as long as it does not involve having to clean poo. :P

Of Hermit Crabs and Dogs

Yesterday, I spent some time with my family. One of the highlights of the evening was the neighbor's shitzu running inside the apartment and driving Sam nuts. Sam loves pets and he was sitting on the bed when the dog came running. Sam couldn't believe his eyes and just stared for a while. That dog was adorable although I think it needs some dog training sessions. Anyhow, it got me thinking about how pets can help Sam - and other kids - in their development. Sam used to have a tiny hamster, which he loved to touch. Now he has two hermit crabs, which he also loves to play with. Growing up, we had a menagerie around us, and I think that that was an experience that every kid should experience. But maybe I am biased. Are city kids missing out on having pets around them? What are your experiences with pets?

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

I think this is one of my favorite album titles ever. It's funny because I was never a Foo Fighters fan, but recently, I listened to the whole album, and I found out that it is one of those that makes one feel better. For some reason, I didn't get much sleep last night, and I woke up this morning with an overall sense of not feeling well. It's not a physical thing - I feel totally fine in that regard. I guess it's one of those moments that we all have every now and then. Maybe it's hormones. :p Anyhow, as I sit here listening to Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, I feel the heavy mantle lifting. I just think of how things could be worse (things are actually pretty good for me right now). I just think of Sam, Eli, and Silas who were so adorable yesterday. Yeah, there may be echoes and silence but patience and grace will always win out. I think.r

Elijah Gabriel

Last week, we welcomed a new addition to our family: Elijah Gabriel. My sister Hannah had a long and difficult labor, and she had to undergo CS after almost 2 days (I think). In the end, it was all worth it. The doctor said that babies normally weigh in at 3.6kg a month after birth. Eli was 3.55kg at birth! We got us a big boy - this one will definitely not need any hgh ! We're having a delayed baby shower later - this is the angel that awaits.

Greet Steve Jobs on His Birthday

Yup, it's THE man's birthday today. 99 percent of us will probably never get to interact with Steve Jobs in this lifetime - or the next - but you can drop him a line to wish him good wishes at Happy Birthday Steve Jobs . For more of Steve Jobs, check out something I wrote at Daily Bits today. Oh, and you may want to say a prayer for his health - rumors are flying that his battle with pancreatic cancer may be a losing one.

Breakthrough in Iloilo

Breakthrough is one of the best seafood restaurants in Iloilo City. Prior to my experience at Buto't Balat, Breakthrough was my favorite place to eat in this city. Needless to say, I had to go out of my way to pay Breakthrough a visit. It is a bit farther from the city center than other popular restaurants, but a lot of people still go there because of the fresh seafood. At Breakthrough, you can pick out live crab, lobster, shrimp, and fish. The kitchen will then cook your choices the way you want. Those are the tanks where the crab and lobster are kept. I really wanted some crab that evening, but we decided to go for the lobster. While it was good, I can't shake off the feeling that we were somewhat ripped off. The lobster was medium-sized but cost an arm and a leg! But, when seafood calls, you can't help but heed it. ;) The lobster in chili sauce. For PHP2000++, it was rather pricey. The price of the fresh oysters also made my heart jump, but in a good way. PH

Bad Memory Day

This day didn't start out too well - with a magnitude 3 earthquake waking me up. As it turned out, today was "one of those days". I will not go into the details, but let's just say that my memory problems got the best of me today. On this note - does anyone know how to deal with memory issues? I am very much aware of my shortcomings in this area so I do my best to counteract the problem. I have been thinking of taking supplements that are supposed to help but am not sure they actually work. I would hate to waste money on them! So yeah, it has been one of those days, so I shall compensate by ending the day with an episode of the new season of Spartacus. That should cheer things up!

Buto't Balat in Iloilo

Buto't Balat is a Tagalog phrase, which, in English is "skin and bones". Now the order of the words may be different, but the idea is the same. Buto't Balat is a restaurant in Iloilo, which is now my favorite. We stumbled upon it by accident because my first choice (Breakthrough - will post about it another time) was too far. Buto't Balat is more accessible as it is just on the Diversion Road, right across a side street from Plazuela and SM City Iloilo. This is the entrance to the restaurant. As you can see, it has a nice look to it. One might even have the impression that the prices would be rather high. Contrarily, though, the dishes were very reasonably priced! The restaurant has a main floor - the upper one - and a lower floor, where the smoking section is. The lower area has a view of the surrounding fish pen and we had a nice breeze going that night. They even had a tank with some turtles. Of course, I found myself missing Dex! Now on to the food...I

Iloilo City Eats: Nes and Tats

Iloilo City in Western Visayas has always been one of my favorite cities in the Philippines - not that I have been to that many. Still, this place seems to have a certain charm that I cannot resist. So, after a couple of years, I find myself back in Iloilo. For the first night, I decided to try out a "new" restaurant that a friend recommended: Nes and Tats. Their specialties are chicken and seafood - a combination that never goes wrong with me. I also did another first - walk the streets of the city! I may not have been wearing super shoes, but I managed. It wasn't that long of a walk and the night air was very pleasant anyway. Back to Nes and Tats...I have to be honest and say that it was disappointing. One of the things that I love about Iloilo is the food. However, Nes and Tats was just - ordinary. I suppose I could have chosen better dishes, but what I had was not enough to convince me to go back for another try. Picture time...Here's the sign of t

So That's What a Tweet Up Is Like

This phone is the reason I got off my butt to actually go to a "tweet up" last night. Sad to say, it was a disappointment. Let me clarify that. The phone AND the event were disappointing. The event was held at a nice, "happening" place. The venue was all dressed up - down to the lighting (You'd think they got stuff from somewhere like hudson valley lighting ). There was a crowd. There was even chow and booze. That's all the good I can say, though. I guess I really am not into this hipster thing. Now on to the phone - it looks good from the front, I can't deny that; but the back looks awful, with the camera bulging out like a knot in your head. We couldn't even figure out how to take pictures! I don't know much about design and all that stuff, but this girl knows that if she gets a new phone, it will not be Windows Phone 7.

Yet Another Wedding

It seems that all my friends are getting married these days. In the span of 6 months, I have attended 3 weddings! In spite of my "request" that last weekend's wedding be the last for this year, I don't think that's even a remote possibility, though. I guess getting married is the way to go for some people, but with the cost of things these days, you might as well buy gold bars if you get married! (I'm just griping because I got paid yesterday and am pretty much broke because of bills. :p) Anyhow, we had a fun time last weekend in spite of some minor glitches. How can you not have fun with mafia/rock stars at the table? My partner in crime. The people from Eastwood with the groom and the bride. Isn't the bride's gown awesome? That's the same gown her mom wore on her wedding day! To add to the fun, there were some Korean tourists who just stood there and watched the wedding ceremony. They even multiplied! (Background: The wedding was h