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Snake Dreams

I finally fell asleep before dawn earlier today, and that was a relief. The sucky part is that I didn't really sleep well.

I have written about my elevator dream before - the recurring one. Well, I haven't dreamed it in a while, but I had another one of my recurring dreams last night: about snakes.

I don't know why, but snakes have always creeped me out. Every now and then, especially if I have seen snakes on TV, I have scary dreams. Well last night - or this morning - I had one of them.

Some say snakes are good luck. Snake tattoo, anyone? (I'd be the first to sign up for tatoo removal if I ever find one on my skin for some reason.)

Anyhow, I wonder why I had that dream last night. I woke up groggy and out of it - more than usual. Anyone know what snake dreams mean?


  1. Last night, I dreamed about my dead father rising from the grave.
    Snakes. Dreams often represent the brain's most irrational side mixed with our strongest fears.

    (Anu ba yan, parang si Madam Auring..)

    I used to fear snakes a lot too, but gradually grew more accustomed to them since they freely roam about the garden...

    Did you know that they're really more afraid of you than you're afraid of them?

    Anyway, whether your dream is symbolic or an actual representation of your fear of that particular animal, know that fear is best treated by being "it".

    Knowledge is good but don't watch too many NG documentaries...

  2. I have NO IDEA what snake dreams mean. But I would have woken up freaked out - Im terrified of snakes too.

  3. Dan - haha I have gotten so much advice about this dream. I know it will recur again at some point - I'll just ignore it and hope I don't dream about snakes any time soon!

    Mel - Google it; some interpretations are hilarious!

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