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Shopping and Insomnia

I have long ago learned the value of retail therapy. True, I am a recent convert - compared to my other friends, that is. Still, I will never ignore the good that a little shopping can bring you. Never mind that the respite is brief and that you'll have to pay for what you buy. The temporary relief is worth it most of the time.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Greenhills and walked - limped rather - away with some "good vibes" stuff. I just love it how bazaars can make you dizzy due to the sheer number of stalls and goods! I even bought baby stuff for Eli, my new nephew whom we're expecting any day now. I wish he were here now - although I bet my sister is even more eager than I am. (Right, Han?)

Anyhow, I am rambling once again, thanks to this recent comeback that my insomnia has made. For whatever reason, I am having problems falling asleep at night again. Maybe I ought to go back to Greenhills just so that I get totally exhausted and go out like a light at night...


  1. My insomnia has been kicking my ass too. And, it's even led to be buying weirdo products advertised on Infomercials.

  2. I finally got to sleep but man, were my dreams weird! I didn't dare turn on the TV last night - just played Bejeweled 3. ;)


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