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New Year's Revolutions

Five days at the beach was barely enough to fill up my beach meter, especially since the weather was not that great. We did get some sun, and we were able to relax, but I am already looking forward to spending time at the beach with the sun on max.

Anyhow, here comes the "compulsory" New Year post...gone is the old, here comes the new. I don't like making resolutions (revolutions, according to a friend's 10-year-old daughter) - they end up not being done, but I will just keep doing what needs to be done when I can. The beginnings of a list is already making my head ache:
  • Get my act at work together (so far so good - yeah been at work for only 2 days)
  • Get errands done quickly (making progress)
  • Be more responsible and deal with all sorts of necessary paperwork (mutual funds, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, taxes, social!)
  • Work on my poker face. This one, I really have to succeed at - don't ask me why.
  • Travel more! I have several trips lined up till April...I have a feeling this is a good one!
In the meantime, I shall keep these photos of the beach in mind to keep me going till the next beach.

Exploring among the rocks.
Mesmerizing firedancers. How I wish I could do what they do!

Have a great 2011!


  1. Those are great resolution ideas! Thanks for sharing them with me, as I am fresh out of ideas!

  2. I cleared my to-do list today...;)


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