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Hooked on Daily Deal Sites

I heard about Groupon a while back, but I never really paid much attention to it as we didn't have anything like it in the Philippines. Late last year, a friend made me aware of a local deals site called Ensogo. (I think I mentioned it when I wrote about our Indian restaurant experience.)

Now I don't know if I am noticing more local daily deal sites because they are cropping up left and right or because I am simply more aware of their existence. Whatever the reason, my PayPal account is suffering for it.

These deals sites are very convenient, and they are doing a very good job of selling stuff - at least to suckers like me. They tout all sorts of things from anti aging products to anti-hair fall products (yeah I got several) to massages to restaurant vouchers. Sucker me just cannot help myself.
I still have at least three vouchers that I have not used, and I am already looking at a new ad I saw on Facebook for another site.

Are these sites really worth it or am I being an impulsive buyer?



  1. I cant answer that question. I hardly EVER buy anything for myself!


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