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Apple Wants My Mac for Three Weeks? NO!

That should have been a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Darth Vader style. It has been a few weeks since I noticed a problem with the rubber base of Kalessin. At first, there was just a small bump in the middle left section. I didn't really think much about it until I felt something weird. The culprit? See the image below.
It's disappointing, really. You would think these things don't happen to stuff that Apple makes. After all, you pay a price for their products. When I bought the Mac, it was not a small thing for me. It wasn't like I was shopping around for digital cameras that I can (relatively) easily replace when necessary. I went ahead and maxed out that piece of plastic for a Mac thinking I will not have to worry about the laptop for at least the next year...

Anyhow, it did happen, probably courtesy of the heat. The good news is that the guy at the Power Mac Center in Megamall said that it is PROBABLY covered by Apple under warranty, so they can replace it for free. The bad news is that they are going to have to take the laptop in for up to 3 weeks since they have to order the part from Singapore.

Now you understand why Darth Vader came into the picture.


  1. Further proof that you shouldn't buy in to the hype. Price does not necessarily mean quality.

    <<<<< I r a cheapskate and an uber late adopter when it comes to gadgets... You may even go so far as calling me a scavenger.

  2. Three Weeks? That's brutal.

    Im sorry you're going to have to wait so long for them to order the part.


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