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Tamaraw, Here I Come Again!

The end of the year is something we all look forward to - for our own reasons. This year, I am simply looking forward to spending several days at the beach. Never mind that the resort I am going to is not posh - forget Sferra linen, "real" cocktail drinks, and all that stuff - I just want to lounge by the beach and soak up the sun. Sun (I hope), sand, and sea - HERE I COME! This year has been a rough one, but not as rough as 2009; and I am quite positive that 2011 will be an awesome year. What better way to end 2010 and welcome 2011 with a trip to the beach that has always been a second home? :D

Skipping (Commercialized) Christmas

I have decided not to do Christmas this year in the sense that I will not go gaga over shopping and everything that is commercialized about the season. I refuse to join the throngs of shoppers that seem to be out every single day, clogging the roads and making it virtually impossible to have a decent time at the mall. I refuse to join the fray searching for personalized sunglasses, personalized mugs, personalized towels - personalized everything. (There is the Internet for easy shopping - there is that.) Truth be told, I have not made any preparations for Christmas at all. I will be spending more than 24 hours with my family, some of whom I haven't seen in a long while. I think that's better than stressing over Christmas shopping, isn't it? What are your Christmas plans?c


We've been called Shiny Happy People, and indeed that night, we were all shiny and happy - and a little bit buzzed, thanks to Kwak. Love this picture as I look as if acne scar creams have done their work. Call me narcissistic, or maybe it is just the Kwak speaking. It's the season to be jolly, and I am pretty much feeling jolly on this Sunday morning.

Free as a Bird

It's been a month or so since I started on my "hobo journey" and I think I am settling in quite well. (I know, hobo and settling seem to be strange bedfellows.) So anyway, what is my hobo life all about? (Disclaimer: I am using hobo quite loosely as I do not really live on the streets. I just do not have my own place, but I am quite blessed to have friends who are putting me up.) My thoughts about this lifestyle: I am unencumbered by things that I used to think were "have tos". Think having your own place. Think having to fill that place with all sorts of things. Go further and think about upgrading your living quarters. Think home improvement. (I remember having to worry about paint, door frames, garage door parts , and all that crap. What the heck was I thinking?) It's a few days before Christmas, and I am going "home" for a couple days. I wonder how that will turn out...

So That's What a Nice TV Can Do

While I like shiny gadgets just as much as the next person - okay maybe a little bit more than the next person - I never really saw the "need" for a nice TV. When I say nice, I mean the huge a&$ HD flat screens. I know they look nice, but I didn't really appreciate what they could do. Until yesterday. We watched Hellboy II, which I have seen several times on a "normal" TV. Yesterday, though, I totally appreciated the difference. Hard to explain, but let's just say I am convinced about LCD TVs, especially if you like watching movies. Of course, a nice set of home audio speakers will complete the whole set up. Oooh wait...I am a hobo, and hobos don't get to have these pretty things. :(

The Necessity of Life Insurance

Is it really necessary? I grew up with members of my family selling life insurance policies on the side. I knew there was something one could get out of it, but I never was convinced that it was absolutely necessary. As an adult, I have tried jumping into the "responsible bandwagon" and have looked at an insurance quote here and there. I have even bought a special insurance package that also has a mutual funds feature. Today, certain events got me thinking about life insurance yet again, and I still have no answer. Is life insurance something that every person should get or is it just a "plus factor" that can make things easier in the future?

Shiny Happy People - NOT?

I have heard Filipinos described in so many ways, but I have to admit that "shiny happy people" is a novel tag. Happy, yes. We do tend to smile at everything. You wouldn't know that that grinning girl has tons of debt to deal with. You wouldn't think that that raucous woman is having marital problems. It will not occur to you that that jovial guy is having issues at work. When we have fun, we have fun. But, shiny? Hmm. I do get shiny after several minutes out in the sun. My genes make sure of that. In spite of facial scrubs meant for oily skin, I get shiny anyway. Anyhow, I was thinking of this description the earlier when I was at the mall for lunch. Being the second weekend of December, sales were going on left and right; and the shiny happy people were out in droves! And, why not? You could buy anything for at least 20% off! (Puma merchandise, honda generators , furniture, perfumes, mobile phones - name it, it was on sale!) Needless to say, I was on

All I Want for Christmas...

I am stumped. I really don't know what I want for Christmas. Everyone's working on their wish list - many were done months ago, but me - blech. I guess I can go with the flow and want another gadget like the htc sense . Maybe a Kindle - I have been wanting one for a while. To be honest, though, am not looking forward to the holidays. Maybe that is what I should want for Christmas. To regain that sense of awe and anticipation for one of the happiest times of the year. Or maybe, I have just learned that it doesn't have to be Christmas to feel happy and be in awe.c

Just Because I Can

I have been hearing this phrase used a lot lately, and while I find it funny, it also makes me think. It makes me think about how people can come up with any excuse to justify what they do. Why are you doing that? Because I can. Why do you party every night? Because I can. Why are you looking for a refrigerator filter? Because I can. My examples are ridiculous, I know. But doesn't it make you stop and think? Why do you do what you do? Why do you behave the way you behave? I don't know about you, but the next time I find myself facing a decision, I will ask myself why.