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Wet Feet

Literally. I did some walking today - and not in the nicest of places. Normally, it wouldn't be such a big deal (okay fine, it probably would be), but the rain just made things worse. It didn't help that I was wearing flip flops! Then again, I always wear flip flops!

Anyhow, I found myself thinking about a funny incident when I was a kid. My mom had just gotten me a new pair of Nike Airs, and it was the rainy season. I remember going to school one day with the shoes covered in plastic bags because I didn't want to get them all muddy! Silly silly me...

Apparently, it is not THAT silly - have you ever heard of overshoes? Check this out:

You can actually buy reasonably "good-looking" shoes to put over your shoes! I think it's a pretty cool concept, except that these overshoes can cost quite a bit.


  1. I once went running in the rain, in flip-flops. Let's just say things did not end well for me!

    Those overshoes look VERY cool. Maybe I will invest in a pair!


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