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The Nanny

Do I look like a nanny? If nannies are supposed to be as sexy as Fran Drescher, then I should be flattered, I guess. If I had a dollar for each "proposal" that I have received in the past month, then I would have...well, enough to buy a couple of beers.

Seriously, though. I just received another message on MySpace Inbox - different name, similar details.
Hello Madam,
I'm [insert name here] from UNITED KINGDOM(London) am here seeking for a nanny to take good care of my 2 lovely daughters 11yrs and 7yrs, am a contractor and i travel alot so i need who can help me take care of my daughters cos am always out of the country and my last nanny just got married she left so i need a replacement A.S.A.P, if you are really interested, i will be paying you (2,400 US dollars) monthly tax free, i will provide accommodation and feeding as well, and i will be responsible for your travelling expenses and flight ticket, Pls if you are interested pls send your resume to my personal email address is [name], and we start from there, this is not my account am using a friends profile to search for a nanny cause this was where i found my last nanny, so pls send your response to my personal email address.

Some even go as far as to say the want a Filipina nanny, and go one to extol our virtues. I am like, "C'mon! You think I am that stupid or desperate?"

I think it's funny, but I also see it as a sad reflection of the nature of some people and their perception of Filipinas/women in general. Do you think people still fall prey to these scammy offers?

Oh, by the way, I have a job, tyvm.


  1. That kind of spam really drives me bat.shit.crazy!

  2. a few days ago i received a message (via myspace) from this guy from dubai telling me if i want work he can help me out and i just have to use my resume, i was like what the hell? i also received almost the same message about being a "nanny" whatever from a stranger in europe.. so i feel for you girl. let it go, cheers!


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