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Legend of India

Yeah, I am getting old. Aside from invites to go out with friends, I have been receiving invites from friends for their kids' birthday parties! Sometimes I think there are more 1st birthday invitations than invites to go out for adult-only events.

Needless to say, I avoid going to those birthday parties if I can...

Anyhow, several weeks ago, we stumbled upon this deals site and bought coupons for a new Indian restaurant, Legend of India. The vouchers were PHP500 each, but we only paid PHP200. We decided to go try it out the other weekend, and it was a really nice treat!

Appetizers...samosa and something else. I can't remember the name, but the little things are deep fried pastry shells with little chunks of potatoes inside. You fill it up with mint water.
I really liked the samosa - one was enough to fill me up good. The mint water and pastry mixture didn't really impress, though.
Mango lassi for a refreshing drink. Of course, I had to have my water as well.
Biryani rice. This was the best dish of the night, I think. On its own, it can fill you up.
The three main dishes: palak paneer (cottage cheese in spinach sauce), chicken tikka masala (mildly spicy version), and a lentil dish.
Mint water and tamarind sauce. Used these for samosa.
Nan bread with butter. We brought most of this home as there was just too much food on the table!
The "dinner deals club" girls with full tummies.


  1. Yummmmmmmy!!

    Looked and sounded like a FABULOUS time!

  2. looks good and looks like you and the girls had a great time.


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