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A Friend's Thoughts on Atheism and Conversion

I have always had my faith - that is the one constant thing in my life, although I have to admit I have often strayed far. The past year has taught me one thing: nothing can replace the relationship that I have with my God. In spite of my shenanigans, that is the one true thing that I can count on at the end of the day.

A few minutes after waking up this afternoon, I read something that made this conviction even stronger. A friend blogged about her thoughts on atheism and conversion, and it did make shivers run up and down my spine.

How can these points not make you think?
  • Atheism made my life easy. But at the end of the day, I asked myself, why do I feel empty?
  • I tried holding on to the fact that being alive was enough. That life was, bottom line, meaningless, really.
  • Atheism failed to teach me and give me that necessary confidence that I actually matter more than I think.
  • Each day, I'd experience tiny miracles that I couldn't explain. Each day, I held on and did not give up, and I don't think mere flesh and bone and my survival instinct did that. It was love, and love is something that science tried to explain but only came up with conclusions concerning hormones and brain waves.
Read the entire post. It might give you a different perspective - the perspective that you have been searching for.


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