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Foiled Hijacking in Brazil: Button Safe

And I thought this sh*t doesn't happen anymore! I remember meeting a fellow traveler back in July and talking about traveling to South America. He said that Brazil is beautiful but that it was one of the most unsafe countries to visit. Naturally, I took that with a grain of salt. Not that I will be in that part of the world anytime soon, but I still want to go.

As the F1 season comes to a close, though, it seems that Brazil is still indeed not as safe as some people say it it. Check out what just happened to former F1 champion Jensen Button:
A statement issued by Button's McLaren team read: "On Saturday, armed assailants made an attempt to approach the car carrying Jenson Button.

"Neither Jenson nor the other occupants of the car were hurt. McLaren provided Jenson and team-mate Lewis Hamilton with reinforced armoured vehicles.

"The police driver of Jenson's vehicle reacted swiftly and, using avoidance techniques, rapidly forced his way through the traffic, taking Jenson away from any danger.

"The Sao Paulo authorities have acted efficiently and will provide additional security for Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix."

Button said: "We were going back from the track and were outside a shanty town and moving slowly on a busy road.

"I saw a dog come out, which was very cute. The next thing I saw was a man with a gun. I said 'isn't that a gun?' and as soon as I said that, the driver angled the car and floored it.

"That's when we saw six men, all of them brandishing machine guns. My driver was a legend. He bounced off about five cars. We were driving over the top of them. It was very scary."
No sh*t! I wonder why it was Button they targeted, though?


  1. My friend was supposed to go on a trip to Brazil. But after finding out more about the country from reliable sources she canceled her plans.


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