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This month was supposed to be detox month (not the oxycontin detox type, but more like detox from all my other distractions in life), but life has been throwing its little surprises at me. I cannot complain, really. I recently posted about Alanis' album, and man, yes, life does give you a helping hand when you least expect it. I know things can just get better from here.

Maybe it's warmth and brightness of the sunshine - totally unexpected but welcome after days and days of rain and thunder. Maybe it's all the food and drinks that we had last night. Maybe it's the prospect of going out tonight and experiencing something new again. Maybe it's the awesome people around me.

Whatever it is, I am so not questioning it. Detox, yeah, but in a much different way than I had expected.
This image describes how I feel today. Can anyone figure it out? CLUE: It's a song. :D


  1. "I know things can just get better from here."

    And THAT'S a GOOD thing!


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