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Alanis Morissette Knew What She Was Talking About

She really did - at least in her Jagged Little Pill album. I have very vivid memories of my freshman year in college, some of them due to the fact that the songs from this album were always playing in the background. Whether there was music actually playing or I was just hearing it in my head, it didn't matter back then.

For some reason, Ironic is playing in my head right now. I am about to sleep - or at least I am going to try - and I can't help but think how life really does surprise you. The specific circumstances are always different, by the bottom line is the same.

You may be doing your darned best to find jobs, and yet you can't seem to get a break. You may be trying to get over a horrible event in your life, and without you even realizing it, you're suddenly over it.

It works both ways, really, and I think that this realization can help you get through those awful moments knowing that they will pass sooner or later. This realization also helps to keep you grounded when you're on a high, knowing that the tide can turn anytime.


  1. Oh yes, her Jagged Little Pill album is one of my ALL TIME favorites!

  2. That album was the soundtrack to my high school years, and I often find myself revisiting it, too, and noticing how differently things turned out from how I had expected.


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