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The Nanny

Do I look like a nanny? If nannies are supposed to be as sexy as Fran Drescher, then I should be flattered, I guess. If I had a dollar for each "proposal" that I have received in the past month, then I would have...well, enough to buy a couple of beers. Seriously, though. I just received another message on MySpace Inbox - different name, similar details. Hello Madam, I'm [insert name here] from UNITED KINGDOM(London) am here seeking for a nanny to take good care of my 2 lovely daughters 11yrs and 7yrs, am a contractor and i travel alot so i need who can help me take care of my daughters cos am always out of the country and my last nanny just got married she left so i need a replacement A.S.A.P, if you are really interested, i will be paying you (2,400 US dollars) monthly tax free, i will provide accommodation and feeding as well, and i will be responsible for your travelling expenses and flight ticket, Pls if you are interested pls send your resume to my personal emai

The Pain Women Go Through

*WARNING* The contents of this post may be too much for the "stronger sex" to handle. I have always loved to pamper myself. What can I say - I like my comforts! I take pleasure in the little things in life. A steaming hot cup of strong coffee. An hour or two at the spa. Cool and crisp sheets at the end of a long day. A nice hot bath (or shower). The list can go on and on. However, I never really paid attention to the things that a woman "must" go through to keep herself looking nice. I always held the belief that appearances are way overrated. Then I discovered doing things for myself. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history. I discovered that the agony of having tiny hairs stripped from your skin results in being more comfortable. (Don't ask me how or why - not prepared to share that much.) I discovered that the discomfort of having your nails scraped and shaped results in prettier feet and hands. (Yeah, too girly, but as it turns out, a lot of fu

A Friend's Thoughts on Atheism and Conversion

I have always had my faith - that is the one constant thing in my life, although I have to admit I have often strayed far. The past year has taught me one thing: nothing can replace the relationship that I have with my God. In spite of my shenanigans, that is the one true thing that I can count on at the end of the day. A few minutes after waking up this afternoon, I read something that made this conviction even stronger. A friend blogged about her thoughts on atheism and conversion , and it did make shivers run up and down my spine. How can these points not make you think? Atheism made my life easy . But at the end of the day, I asked myself, why do I feel empty? I tried holding on to the fact that being alive was enough. That life was, bottom line, meaningless, really. Atheism failed to teach me and give me that necessary confidence that I actually matter more than I think . Each day, I'd experience tiny miracles that I couldn't explain. Each day, I held on and did no

Green Lantern Trailer

Everyone and their mom has posted this trailer, perhaps, but it is just too good not to share! In case you haven't seen it yet, check out the teaser for the Green Lantern movie. I am not much of a comic book fan, although I do know a little about superheroes, and it looks like this movie will be on my list of "to watch in the theater." In brightest day, in blackest night...

Friday = Good Vibes

Everyone loves Fridays, and even if I don't have a "normal" job, I still make it a point to celebrate this day. More than simply giving a semblance of normalcy to my routine, it does make things more fun! I haven't had any sleep - that's a different story - but I feel good this Friday morning. Maybe it's the bright and warm sunlight streaming through ginormous windows. Maybe it's the coffee. Who cares? It's Friday, and my schedule is still looking crazy for the next week at least. Still, I think I shall go squeeze in an hour of jogging (walking is more like it) later - forget weight loss drinks for now, good old exercise might do. I really don't know, but things are really looking up despite the hecticness (is that even a word?) of it all. Yeah, it's Friday, and I hope you all will be feeling good today as well!r

525, 600 Minutes

Can I please have more? Too much to do, so little time! The month is almost over again, and boy, have things flown by so quickly. One the one hand, I am glad and can't wait for the end of the month. On the other hand, I am really wishing for more hours in a day. This week is not over yet, and I am already stressing out over the weekend - which, probably is going to be the busiest weekend yet. If things keep going like they are right now, I will be needing acne products very soon with all the stress. But you know what they say about good stress! Anyhow, enough of my rambling. Back to work; wait for some cool photos of Juiceboxxx's gig in Manila later or tomorrow.

Legend of India

Yeah, I am getting old. Aside from invites to go out with friends, I have been receiving invites from friends for their kids' birthday parties! Sometimes I think there are more 1st birthday invitations than invites to go out for adult-only events. Needless to say, I avoid going to those birthday parties if I can... Anyhow, several weeks ago, we stumbled upon this deals site and bought coupons for a new Indian restaurant, Legend of India. The vouchers were PHP500 each, but we only paid PHP200. We decided to go try it out the other weekend, and it was a really nice treat! Appetizers...samosa and something else. I can't remember the name, but the little things are deep fried pastry shells with little chunks of potatoes inside. You fill it up with mint water. I really liked the samosa - one was enough to fill me up good. The mint water and pastry mixture didn't really impress, though. Mango lassi for a refreshing drink. Of course, I had to have my water as well. Bir


This month was supposed to be detox month (not the oxycontin detox type, but more like detox from all my other distractions in life), but life has been throwing its little surprises at me. I cannot complain, really. I recently posted about Alanis' album, and man, yes, life does give you a helping hand when you least expect it. I know things can just get better from here. Maybe it's warmth and brightness of the sunshine - totally unexpected but welcome after days and days of rain and thunder. Maybe it's all the food and drinks that we had last night. Maybe it's the prospect of going out tonight and experiencing something new again. Maybe it's the awesome people around me. Whatever it is, I am so not questioning it. Detox, yeah, but in a much different way than I had expected. This image describes how I feel today. Can anyone figure it out? CLUE: It's a song. :D

Alanis Morissette Knew What She Was Talking About

She really did - at least in her Jagged Little Pill album. I have very vivid memories of my freshman year in college, some of them due to the fact that the songs from this album were always playing in the background. Whether there was music actually playing or I was just hearing it in my head, it didn't matter back then. For some reason, Ironic is playing in my head right now. I am about to sleep - or at least I am going to try - and I can't help but think how life really does surprise you. The specific circumstances are always different, by the bottom line is the same. You may be doing your darned best to find jobs , and yet you can't seem to get a break. You may be trying to get over a horrible event in your life, and without you even realizing it, you're suddenly over it. It works both ways, really, and I think that this realization can help you get through those awful moments knowing that they will pass sooner or later. This realization also helps to keep y

Monday Pick Me Upper: Hipster Olympics

Feel like watching something silly on this Monday morning? Here, take 10 minutes of your time to relax before you do anything serious, and watch the Hipster Olympics. The video's been around for several years now, but it's still worth wasting your time. It IS very silly, and you might be tempted to stop watching somewhere in the middle, but trust me and wait till the end? Chase away those Monday blues, people. Have a great week ahead!

Foiled Hijacking in Brazil: Button Safe

And I thought this sh*t doesn't happen anymore! I remember meeting a fellow traveler back in July and talking about traveling to South America. He said that Brazil is beautiful but that it was one of the most unsafe countries to visit. Naturally, I took that with a grain of salt. Not that I will be in that part of the world anytime soon, but I still want to go. As the F1 season comes to a close, though, it seems that Brazil is still indeed not as safe as some people say it it. Check out what just happened to former F1 champion Jensen Button : A statement issued by Button's McLaren team read: "On Saturday, armed assailants made an attempt to approach the car carrying Jenson Button. "Neither Jenson nor the other occupants of the car were hurt. McLaren provided Jenson and team-mate Lewis Hamilton with reinforced armoured vehicles. "The police driver of Jenson's vehicle reacted swiftly and, using avoidance techniques, rapidly forced his way through the tr

Friends, A Lawyer, Cheesesticks, and Jack

Sometimes the best nights out are the ones that are totally unplanned. A week or so ago, one of my "bestest" friends sent me a text message saying she was out with a lawyer friend, and that I SHOULD be there as they were discussing philosophy. Now, philosophical is probably the last word that you can use to describe me, but I do have my moments. Of course, the prospect of hanging out and having several rounds with Jack was too much to resist, so off I went. (Then there was the fact that we needed to have a girl talk.) So off I went. Not only did I get to help a friend (by simply being there to listen, I suppose), but I also got to make a new friend (lawyer friends can be useful - not that I will be engaged in cases like Mesothelioma lawsuits, I think). Now guess what's going on in this photo? ;)

User Bases of Popular Browsers

So how do you describe yourself? I suppose that browser on top is all the others on hgh ? I am using 4 of these browsers, although I'd have to say that based on the frequency, I'm a mix of "nerdy-huge queer-hipster-queer". Talk about confused! Seriously, though, I have been trying to make up my mind whether or not to switch to Safari as my main browser, but all that muscle that FF has to offer has me hooked on it still. In any case, this is one amusing image for a gloomy and rainy Friday afternoon. No going out of the house today; will stick to being nerdy and queer.

My Own Chow: Bistek Tagalog

I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner, and our supplies are running low. When I saw this post on Facebook about Bistek Tagalog, though, I KNEW I had to make it. Unfortunately, we only had one piece of rib eye steak in the fridge...improv time! Normally, you use really thin cuts of beef for this dish. I don't remember the part, but we just sliced the steak as thinly as we could. Beautiful red meat! I then sliced a huge white onion and minced about three cloves of garlic. The meat went into the frying pan for some browning, and then half of the sliced onion and the garlic followed. Several tablespoons of heavy soy sauce, about half a cup of water, and a tablespoon of crushed peppercorns later...ta da! (Oh I forgot the lime juice - kalamansi, the Filipino lime, is much better.) I really shouldn't be eating all this much, but since I jogged for about 40 minutes earlier, I thought I could use the treat. Lipofuze , I might just need you in the coming weeks with al

My Own Chow: Numi's Mac and Cheese Soup

It's not really mac and cheese as we know it, but that is the result of experimenting in the kitchen one night many years ago. I hadn't had this soup for the longest time, so when I was at the grocery store the other week, I decided to get some ingredients for it. It is so freaking good, that even if I know just how many calories are in one serving, I don't really care! I will pay for this later on, and will probably be asking, " does nutrisystem really work ?" in an effort to lose all the pounds that I have gained in the past few weeks. Anyhow, here's how I made this. Stuff: 250 g of macaroni 1/4 k of ground beef (or pork or chicken) 1 medium onion 1 medium clove of garlic salt, pepper lotsa cheese milk asparagus (opt) baby carrots (opt) cayenne pepper (opt) What to do: Brown the ground meat, then saute the chopped onion and garlic. Boil the macaroni according to the package instructions. When the macaroni is cooked, throw in the meat/onion/garlic mix

Wet Feet

Literally. I did some walking today - and not in the nicest of places. Normally, it wouldn't be such a big deal (okay fine, it probably would be), but the rain just made things worse. It didn't help that I was wearing flip flops! Then again, I always wear flip flops! Anyhow, I found myself thinking about a funny incident when I was a kid. My mom had just gotten me a new pair of Nike Airs, and it was the rainy season. I remember going to school one day with the shoes covered in plastic bags because I didn't want to get them all muddy! Silly silly me... Apparently, it is not THAT silly - have you ever heard of overshoes ? Check this out: You can actually buy reasonably "good-looking" shoes to put over your shoes! I think it's a pretty cool concept, except that these overshoes can cost quite a bit.