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Songs about Rain

Sitting in the patio, drinking my first espresso, and just relaxing before starting the work day - it is a good way to wake up. I had planned on jogging for a bit before work, but Mother Nature has other plans.

I'm a bit bummed, because I have a hard time pushing myself to jog on a regular basis. (I would have to resort to fat burners for women soon if I don't get off my butt.) I had decided, before going to sleep, that I would run today, but it is raining like hell.

It is such a pretty afternoon, though. I know the rain can bring sadness a lot of times - hence all those songs about rain - but for some reason, today, it brings me comfort. Perhaps I am just enjoying the cool temperatures, but even the rolling thunder is making me feel good! Hah - I'll enjoy it while I can! In the meantime, I shall stick to my plan and see how it goes.


  1. The rain effects me the same way. Sometimes it makes me feel sad/blue. Other times it brings comfort/peace!

    I went jogging this morning IN THE RAIN. But I am crazy like that!


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