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Sausages and Beer Go Together

I am useless when it comes to goodbyes, but I have learned that I like having my friends at my place for a night of eating, drinking, and just having fun. Last night, we had the last of the "Casa 27D" nights. My only regret? We only started doing this this year.

Photos from the Beer + Sausage Party.
Some of the sausages getting ready to be toasted. The maimed baguette got forgotten in the toaster - all because of an excited discussion about air guitar.
Starting the night out with some Royce chocolate. Bliss!
Slice 'em sausages up!
So gonna miss this place and these people...
Men in black.
With enough scotch, the iPhone Pocket Karaoke was too much fun!

OC friend wanting to clean up the mess. Couldn't stop him!
On another note, I think I'm almost done packing. Practically everything is in boxes - the rest are huge items that do not need packing up. I am just glad that I do not have equipment such as 108R00723 that I need to transport.

Two more nights, and I'm out of here. These memories will ALWAYS be with me, but hey, it's time to make new ones, right? (Hint: new project coming up!)


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