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Packing Uggh

I have been putting this task off for the longest time, and I know I am going to regret this come Friday, but I just HATE packing. I started - well, Marlene did - the other day by putting my books in a box. THAT was sad. I really love my books, and packing them up just makes the move all the more real.

Today, I tried to pack some more stuff, but I guess the lack of sleep is simply not helping. I have to say that I am quite excited even though I am also feeling sad. For one thing, I will not have to worry about domestic stuff such as sheets, chair slipcovers, and the like. Also, with the move, I am getting more motivated to do more things such as regularly run (or walk fast, rather) - I actually went to UP this morning to do a little bit of that!

Yeah, that was a distraction more than anything else, but it was good walking for a bit and the just sitting by the field reading a Star Trek: The Next Generation comic book. I took some pictures of the campus - it really is beautiful on a Sunday morning!
Some people just sit around while others get some exercise.
The Sunken Garden was full of people playing frisbee.Here's a building that I spent so many years of my life in.
For the last few minutes of my stay in the campus earlier, I took a close look at this bench.
About a year ago, that bench was my bestfriend-enemy. That bench knew everything that was going on in my life. That bench tasted many tears streaming down my face. The ground around that bench was always littered with cigarette ashes. Yes, I took a good look at it this morning, and I told myself: "Girl, you have come a long way."

Suddenly, packing doesn't seem to be that bad at all.


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