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One Last Night at 27D

It's almost done. All I have left is the bed I will be sleeping in tonight, the fridge, and some clothes.

It is starting to hit me. I REALLY am moving on. Literally and figuratively.

Starting tomorrow night, I will officially be a nomad. No more "my bed." Not even my own sheets, electric blanket, pillows, and other "my" things. Tonight and tomorrow morning, this is my designated office:

Not too bad, actually. I still have the pillows from the couch so at least my butt is not being killed by the hard floor. It's hard NOT to miss my good old comfy couch, though.

That's the view of what used to be the dining area from my current floor office. A couple pairs of shoes, the mode, and the router are all that's left. It feels weird - sad and yet exciting at the same time.

One last night.


  1. Moving, especially the packing and unpacking part sucks big time and I feel for you kiddo. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. It's done, D! And yes, I survived. :)


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