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Not Bad for a First Time GP Experience

Words or pictures are not enough to describe the elation I felt during (and after) the Singapore Grand Prix 2010. It was definitely one of the best times of my life - it's going to be hard to top, unless I actually get to rub elbows with Mark Webber/Nico Rosberg the next time I go and watch! ;)

In the meantime, photos of that night.

Oh this was taken the night I got the ticket - the "unboxing" at McCafe.Getting ready to enter the gate. Notice my colors?No one beat this couple's get up, though.Second race of the day - Porsche Carrera Cup. This pink car's name? Road Hog.Unfortunately, the F1 cars were waaaay too fast for poor old Garcia. All I got were blurs.

It was all worth it as Ferrari and Red Bull outdid everyone else. I somehow made friends and borrowed their flags! ;)

Celebrating the victory in a Singtel Singapore GP 2010 shirt. Ooops - forgot to take the tag off in the excitement. ;)


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