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Me Wants a Kindle 3

After Kal (my Mac), I promised myself I would not make another major purchase this year. With my other goal of traveling to far off places, I really cannot afford to spend any money other than what I need on a daily basis. However, when I was packing my books last week, I realized that I NEED an e-book reader that will allow me to take my collection with me wherever I go.

Then I saw/read/heard about the Kindle 3.

It's not like I will be buying a Sony VAIO or something that expensive. I can get a Kindle 3 for less than $200. It's not like it's not a need. I do want to read a lot again, and with my lifestyle, an e-book reader is perfect.

I will not be buying it anytime soon, but I know that it is going to be my next purchase. Who knows, if I work hard enough, I just might be able to afford it before the year ends?


  1. my girlfriend Denise just bought the Kindle 3. She LOVES it!


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