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Singapore GP Fever? Forget That!

Fever? That word is so not the right word. The first time I heard the sound of the F1 cars earlier, I just couldn't help but let out a squeal of delight (which happened again and again and again and again). I had to stand there at the corner with my eyes closed - just letting everything sink in. Yeah, maybe I may be overreacting. SO SUE ME. I had the time of my life this evening - and it wasn't even Race Day yet!

Some pics from today.
This is the bridge where the cars passed. Definitely one of those OMG-worthy moments.
Sure needed that coffee to steady myself. After a while, we headed towards the Swissotel to claim my ticket for Race Day.

And this is what an ecstatic Numi looks like after getting her hands on the ticket that she's been dreaming of for years.
Am so thankful...


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